ALL ANGELS MASSACRE release new EP, 'Born, Lived, Unfollowed'


International music project formed in 2014, All Angels Massacre have recently released the long awaited EP 'Born, Lived, Unfollowed' on Aug 26th. You can hear it directly at the  via band's Bandcamp before any other streaming or download store here: 

'Born, Lived, Unfollowed' is a compilation of tracks that have been released by the band since its creation and addition to a brand new one called 'Cold Knife Of Life'. Physical CDs and other download and streaming options will be available to the public on September 17th. 

The art cover of 'Born, Lived, Unfollowed' represents our general state of mind,where we are all mentally broken by the use of social media, neglecting our planet and its resources. (See the cover attached to this email.) 

The band All Angels Massacre was formed by professional musicians from Chile, Brazil and USA in 2014. The Ep 'Born, Lived, Unfolowwed'  was released in North America via Digmetalworld Records. 

1. All angels massacre 
2. Cold knife of life 
3. Surviving the mist 
4. Time Frame 

All Angels Massacre is: 
Ignacio Figueroa - Vocals 
Regisson Silva - Guitars 
Jose Mantovani - Bass 
Ignacio Orellana - Drums 


If you are a writer and you'd like to review the album, please get in touch with you to send you a download link with the music. The band is currently working on a promotional video for its new song ' Cold Knife Of Life', that will be available around September 17th. 

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