DESECRATED SPHERE release new album 'Emancipate'

Brazilian death metal band DESECRATED SPHERE have released its new album "Emancipate" via Eternal Hatred Records and Rapture Records in Brazil and Digmetalworld Records in North America.


Listen to the audio single ‘Departure from Flesh’ below:


The album was recorded at Área Livre Studio, São Paulo, Brazil, by Tomaz Ribeiro with the assistance of the band members, after they band came back from its European tour in 2012. The Mixing and Mastering was done by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, in Germany. The artwork, was designed by Raphael Gabrio over the bands ideas.

The track listing of 'Emancipate' read as follows:

1. Reconnective
2. Transcending Materialism
3. Departure from Flesh
4. Immeasurable Universes
5. Linking Opposites (Demystifying Ormuzd and Ahriman)
6. Humanufactory
7. Urzustand
8. Source of Disassociation
9. (Re)Wake
10. Leaders of Babylon
11. Eçá

Desecrated Sphere is:

- Renato Sgarbi/Vocals
- Gustavo Lozano/Electric guitars, viola guitar
- Rubens Fraleone/Electric and acoustic guitars
- José “Motor” Mantovani/Electric fretted, fretless, and acoustic double basses
- Saulo Benedetti/Drums and percussion

You can stream the full album at this location.
For more information about the band visit its Facebook page.

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