Dynahead’s frontman announce new project ‘iFall’

Brazilian mastermind of the band Dynahead, have released its new alternative music project called IFALL. Caio Duarte is an artist and producer with over 70 records under the belt, spearhead of a respected metal act from Brazil. After a decade building a solid career in the extreme underground music, Ifall was born as an outlet for different sounds, emotions and motifs.

Watch the music video of the track 'Segunda', at this location:

Download the track 'Segunda' for free at this location (email required).

Entirely written, performed and recorded by himself, who also took care of artworks and videos, Ifall is an intentionally and intensely personal album. Constituted of what made the artist love music, disregarding any labeling or easy definition, sung in three languages. All yours.

Songwriting, instruments, voice, production, artworks & video: Caio Duarte

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