MAGMA LAKE Announces guest singers on its new EP

Inferis´ drummer Cristian González has announced that Magnus Winterwild (Axenstar), Elisa C. Martin (Hamka/ex Dark Moor), Nasson (Inferis/Resilience)) and Dan Elbelman (Bloden Wedd) are confirmed as guest vocalist for the forthcoming  “Remains” EP from his Magma Lake project.

“Remains” will be released on September 28th in North America via Digmetalworld Records.

The tracklist reads as follows:
1. Fakeness (Feat. Dan Elbelman)
2. Against the Crown (Feat. Elisa C. Martin & Nasson)
3. Remains (Feat. Magnus Winterwild)

Magma Lake´s first single “Beyond This Path” was released in 2012 via Digmetalworld Records. 
The track features Ola Halen (Shadows Past, ex-Insania) as guest singer.

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