PIROSAINT release original demo recordings

NY based thrash band PIROSAINT have released the album 'Infected Brutality' (Demos remastered) via Digmetalworld Records and distributed via MVD Entertainment Group in North America.

You can stream the full album below:

'Infected Brutality' contains Pirosaint's original demos, "Atrocity Not…


HUINCA release new music video 'Orias'

Chilean tribe/native metal band HUINCA have released the new music video for the track "Orias" that comes off their latest album 'Sic Semper Tyrannis" released via Digmetalworld Records and distributed via MVD ENtertainment group worldwide. The video "Orias" was directed…


DESECRATED SPHERE release new album 'Emancipate'

Brazilian death metal band DESECRATED SPHERE have released its new album "Emancipate" via Eternal Hatred Records and Rapture Records in Brazil and Digmetalworld Records in North America.


Listen to the audio single ‘Departure from Flesh’ below:


The album was recorded…


MALDITO release free single download

Bassist Manuel Alarcon have released is new side project called MALDITO for free download via Digmetalworld Records in North America. This release includes one original track  called "Mutilation of the Soul" and the Sepultura's cover "Territory".

You can download this…


PIROSAINT uploads 'Tonight' lyric video

New York-based metal band PIROSAINT have released a lyric video for their new track 'Tonight', the video was done by Digmetalworld Records. Watch the video on the following link:

The music of the track 'Tonight' was recorded at Oily Sound…


THE GARDNERZ offers free download

Swedish Doom metal band THE GARDNERZ have released "Exiting Reality" as a free download via Digmetalworld Records in North America, featuring two new songs of Doomy Goodness, like a cannon blast right in your face.

You can download the free…