QUEMASANTOS release new single  ‘Planeta Rojo’. 

International project, Quemasantos have released a new single called ‘Planeta Rojo’.  Listen to its Bandcamp player, here below:

The lyrics of the song tell us about the uncertainty of our future as a human race due to the innumerable abuses committed to mother earth. The track ‘Planeta Rojo’ was produced by Ignacio Orellana at Oily Sounds Studios, NYC. 

The band today presents us with a darker and more powerful sound, in addition to a new line-up which includes the Brazilian…

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ALL ANGELS MASSACRE release new EP, 'Born, Lived, Unfollowed' 


International music project formed in 2014, All Angels Massacre have recently released the long awaited EP 'Born, Lived, Unfollowed' on Aug 26th. You can hear it directly at the  via band's Bandcamp before any other streaming or download store here: https://allangelsmassacre.bandcamp.com 

'Born, Lived, Unfollowed' is a compilation of tracks that have been released by the band since its creation and addition to a brand new one called 'Cold Knife Of Life'. Physical CDs and other download and streaming…

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NAIOTH release new music video 

Chilean band Naioth have premiered the music video/documentary of the track "The Ultimate Lie' that comes included on their latest album 'Transhuman Communication", released early this year via Digmetalworld Records in North America. The video contains images of the recording process of the album during its recording sessions in Limache, Chile by Beto Rubiño and Viña Del Mar, Chile by Ignacio Figueroa.

Naioth is:
Ignacio Figueroa - Vocals and Guitar
Paulo Becerra - Guitars
Matías Iturra - Bass Guitar

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'Faster Than Before', new track by Pirosaint 

New York band Pirosaint have released the new track 'Faster Than Before'. The track features original singer Gonzalo Rodriguez and it was written around the Ep ‘New God’ era back in 1997-98 by Alfredo Vicencio, Gonzalo Rodriguez and Ignacio Orellana. This is one of those tracks that never got to be recorded until now.

Listen to the track here:

The abstract cover is a mind reflection of going to life trying to have everything perfect but we don’t realize how insane we have become by doing it. The song…

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PIROSAINT release new track 'Awaken My Conscience' 


New York band Pirosaint have released the new track 'Awaken My Conscience' via Bandcamp today. The track features original singer Gonzalo Rodriguez. Stream the new track 'Awaken My Conscience' directly here below:

Drummer Ignacio Orellana have commented:

' Its been a while since we have touched these tracks. We all went separate ways and these were recorded back then in 2015. And we never looked for new members since I've moved to NYC... and life goes on but now, Gonzalo and I have been working our…

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NAIOTH release new music video “Samsara” 

Chilean metal band Naioth have released the music video for “Samsara”. The track comes included int their latest album “Transhuman Communication” released by Digmetalworld Records in North America. The video was directed by renown director Carlos Toro of Abysmo Productions. “Samsara” was filmed at the Autodromo Villa Olímpica in Quilpué, Chile. The video was coproduced by the band and financed by Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes of Chile.

Watch the video for the track “Samsara”, below:


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NAIOTH release “Sublimation” music video 

Chilean metal band Naioth have released the music video for “Sublimation”, track that comes the album “Transhuman Communication” that its been released today via the band’s Bandcamp.

The video was filmed and directed Mario Toro and Julian Oyanedel and Co-produced by Naioth in Santiago de Chile. Watch the video for the track “Sublimation” below:

Frontman Ignacio Figueroa comments:

We are very happy to release this second album, we spent a lot of time recording it and producing it and now we are ready to…

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NAIOTH releases details of new album “Transhuman Communication”, lyric video, pre-order link 

Chilean progressive metal band Naioth is announcing the release of its new album “Transhuman Communication” on 11/3/17 via Digmetalworld in North America. The band have created a pre-order link on its #Bandcamp here: https://naioth.bandcamp.com/album/transhuman-communication

Check out the lyric video for the self-title track at the band’s youtube channel:

The album was recorded at IFM Studios and the drums at Rec Música Studios in Valparaiso, Chile. Mixed and Mastered by Ignacio Figueroa and all the…Read more

INFERIS announce new line up, post new single 

Chilean metal band INFERIS have released the new single called “Farewell” from their upcoming album “Beast Within”.

Listen to the track here below:

The new line up has been announce as follows (left to right):

Vicente Salucci: Guitars
Manuel Alarcón: Bass
Nasson: Vocals
Sergio Gutierrez: Guitars
Cristian González: Drums

The album “Beast Within” was produced by Ignacio Figueroa at IFM studios, recorded at Rec Studios, Riff Studios and Coyote Studios, mixed and mastered by Erick Martínez at Orange Studios.

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WARCHEST release new music video ‘Fake Disciples’ 

Warchest have released its fourth music video ‘Fake Disciples’ supporting their latest album ‘Downfall’. All the images for this music video were recorded at the ‘Sobredosis 2’ Festival at Arena Recoleta on Nov 26, 2016 in Santiago, Chile.

The video was directed by Cristóbal Narváez. The album ‘Downfall’ was released via Digmetalworld Records and distributed in North America via MVD Entertainment Group.

Warchest is:
Christian Peláez: guitar/vocals
José Tomás García: guitar
Christiansen Oros: drums

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