INFERIS celebrating the 10th anniversary of album debut

Chilean band INFERIS have released the 10th anniversary Special Edition of its debut album 'Between Heaven and Hell' via Digmetalworld Records in North America.

The album can be downloaded for free an its entirely at this location:

'Between Heaven and Hell' 10th anniversary Special Edition, contains the original 10 tracks recorded at Espectro Producciones in 2004 plus 4 bonus tracks, video bootleg of the recording sessions of the song L.D.I. and a full color pdf booklet with images and lyrics.

The full tracklist of 'Between Heaven and Hell' is the following:

1. Heavenly Whisper
2. Words In Time
3. L.D.I.
4. Anaconda
5. Between Heaven And Hell
6. All That's Left Behind
7. Stormriders
8. The Lighting Storm
9. Inferis (bonus track)
10. At The Gates Off Hell (bonus track)
11. L.D.I. (alternate version)
12. Anaconda (vocals version)
13. Between Heaven and Hell (alternate version)
14. Words in Time (2007 version)

The band is currently recording its new album. They have released a couple of music videos supporting the new frontman 'Nasson'. All the production of its new album will be done by Ignacio Figueroa who have worked in the past with (PIROSAINT, NAIOTH). Watch the current music videos at following locations, below:

The Wind:
When Man Collide (live):

Inferis is:
Nasson: Vocals
Alejandro Chinchón: Guitars
Gonzalo Medinelli: Guitars
Manuel Alarcón: Bass
Cristian González: Drums

More information about Inferis can be found at its official website or its official Facebook Page.

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