MASTERPIECE / ALL ANGELS MASSACRE guitar player released Instructional E-Book

Brazilian Guitar player Regisson Silva (Masterpiece, All Angels Massacre) has released its first E-Book called ‘The Ten Master Keys
to Creating a killer guitar solo’. The work is currently on Portuguese language and soon to be in English as well.

Download it for free at this location (free by the end of June)

These e-book is meant for beginners, and experimentes guitar players that would like to improve their knowledge and skills with a simply list of tips and exercises. This content will give them the main tools that are been used by the masters of the guitar world.

Regisson Silva is currently working on its ‘SHRED GUITAR SHOW’ as well as playing steady gigs with ‘MASTERPIECE -Brazil-’ and ‘AALL ANGELS MASSACRE -US-’.

Watch All Angels Massacre’s Guitar Playthourgh below:

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