NECROSIS announce worldwide release dates for its new album

Chilean thrash metal band NECROSIS have announced the worldwide released dates for its new album ‘Reenslaved to the machine’. After 5 years, the band comes back with 'Reenslaved to the machine. The album' was recorded at RAF Studios, Santiago, Chile and produced by its drummer Andy Nacrur, during 2013.

The release dates for the album “Reenslaved to the machine’ are the following:

2014-10-15- NEW YORK
2014-10-22 - CHILE
2015-03-16 EUROPE
2015-04-07 NORTH AMERICA

The CD format is available via Digmetalworld Records, and distributed via MVD Entertainment Group in North America and Plastic Head in Europe.

Listen to ‘Enslaved to the machine’ on the following video:

All music written by Andy Nacrur, Nataniel Infante and Cesar Añasco, except Electric Prayer, courtesy of Miguel Lara. Cover art by Aldo Rojas, designed by Enrique “Kike” Reyes. Layout by Carlos Thiers. Band photo by Sebastian Dominguez.

‘Reenslaved to the Machine' track list is the following:

1. The Electric Prayer
2. Killing Engine
3. (The Busy) Statesman Days
4. Doomsday Menace
5. Enslaved To The Machine
6. Beyond The Screen
7. Disprogrammed
8. Omega Man
9. Invasion

Necrosis is one of the very first bands that came out from Chile. Their first album 'The Search' was released in 1988, recorded in Chile, produced in Brazil and released via Metal Maniac Records (now Hellion Records) in Brazil. It was the very first album released in vinyl format for a Chilean band at that time. The band split up in the early nineties after Alfredo Peña's suicide and reformed around 1999, recorded 'Enslaved to the Machine (2001)' and once again split up, this time due to musical differences and lack of time.

The band expects to releasing in 2015, the remake of their album 'Reborn' originally from 2009 and finish up the works on their new new album (no name yet).

Necrosis is:
Sergio Aravena - Guitars
Sebastian Rivera - Guitars
Gustavo Robles - Vocals
Patricio Ahumada - Bass
Andy Nacrur - Drums

For more information about the band, visit its official website or its official Facebook page.



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