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This is the complete list of CDs available for $2.50, listen to their music on band camp by clicking the (listen) link by the title name:

HUINCA - Sic Semper Tyrannis (listen)
NECROSIS - Reenslaved to the machine (listen)
NOX ETERNA - The Ocean Is Mine (listen)
WARCHEST - Downfall (listen)
WARCHEST - Aftershock (listen)
DYNAHEAD - Antigen (listen)
DYNAHEAD - Chordata I (listen)
INFERIS - When Men Collide: Encounter of the races (listen)
MIERDASTER - La Furia (listen)
LIVIN GARDEN - Bring it on (listen)
ABHORRENT - Heridas (listen)
HOMICIDE - The Ascension (listen)
LECHUGA - The Search part 1: Introspection (listen)
ENDOR - El Eterno Coraje (listen)
PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality (listen)
MICHEL GARRIDO BAND - Sangre de Trauko (listen)
MICHEL GARRIDO BAND - Bahual (listen)
MICHEL GARRIDO BAND - Vertical (listen)
INEXACTA - Previous trick us (listen)

Pay here and contact us directly here to arrange your selections.

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